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Swiftanbold Malinois

I thought long and hard before embarking on a breeding program for Malinois. They are not a dog suited for everyone, and neither are they the non-stop lunatics many on Facebook would have you believe, based upon them having owned one for the past 6 months.

The best advice I ever heard about Malinois came from Mark McFadyen founder of Three-nines Malinois, based in Scotland after I complimented him on the work ethic and calmness of his young working dogs. “Any half-wit can turn one of these into a lunatic. They don’t need much help. The real skill is to breed well, then raise and train them calmly”. Spend half an hour visiting some of the Malinois sites on Facebook and you will see how many people don’t understand this advice.

Why Swiftanbold?

In honor of my Great Uncle, Private Ben Leeman, MM. The name is derived from his Regimental Motto and it reflects the qualities of our pups. The first litter of pups is now over 2 years old and was named after Royal Air Force aircraft. Our second Litter is the Royal Navy Litter.

Breeding Plans

Quality not quantity is our ethos. We never breed more than 1 litter each year. This ensures that we have plenty of time to check the qualities of the previous litter and plan accordingly.

As well as conducting thorough health testing, and checking the temperament and character of our breeding stock and progeny, we breed only from stock with recognised working titles. Every breeder claims his dogs have outstanding working ability when in all honesty most have never done anything more than ragged on a sleeve or been filmed in the local park for YouTube. When you buy a pup from Swiftanbold you can be assured that our opinion has been endorsed by a highly qualified Sports Judge sporting or Police Instructor under stringent conditions.

Our next litter will be out of Jellybean (Swiftanbold Whirlwind, CD ex, UD ex, WD ex) in spring 2023. You can follow Swiftanbold Malinois on our Facebook page for the latest news.

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