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Cosford Dog Training is run by John Fitzpatrick, MCGI, MBIPDT. John is a fully qualified, professional dog trainer since completing his formal training as a Royal Air Force Police dog handler in 1981.

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Training Services

Dogs don't know the difference between right and wrong. They learn from the consequences of their everyday experiences. We usually play a major role in providing those experiences and consequences.

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Behavioural Services

There is a difference between dog obedience training and behaviour modification, although all behaviour modification involves an element of training as the dog needs to learn new behaviour patterns.

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My Dogs

Dog Training Group Classes Cosford :

The Proof of the Pudding

I am constantly astounded by those purporting to be expert dog trainers and “Behaviourists” who got into the business because their own dog was unruly, or had behavioural issues and in many cases still do. My best advice when employing a trainer or behaviourist is to ask to see their dogs and ask them to demonstrate their training methods. I currently have four dogs; Daisy is a 12-year-old German Shepherd Dog, Tilly is an 11-year-old Welsh Sheepdog, Jimmy is a 7-year-old Malinois and the baby of the group is Alice, aged 4 years. All dogs assist in training classes and during sessions with dogs undergoing behaviour modification. I tried to retire Daisy, but she rebelled.

Dog Training Classes cosford

From Left to Right; Alice, Jimmy, Daisy and Tilly

Whilst all my dogs are well mannered and relaxed pets, all have competed in some of the strictest working tests, to prove their mettle under pressure.  These tests are an excellent test of the dog’s control skills, but more importantly their temperament and character.  If I want you to trust me to help you get the best from your puppy, or adult dog, I should at least be able to demonstrate how I have raised my own.  When entrusting yourself to any trainer or behaviourist, check the behaviour of their dogs.  Many are highly proficient at talking the talk, but stumble badly when attempting to walk the walk.

Puppy Training Classes cosford

Daisy (Concenn Yusha)

Daisy was purchased specifically for tracking ability from Concenn German Shepherds. She was bred by Gail Gwesyn-Pryce, Mid Wales Dog Training, to whom I am extremely grateful, from her Working Trials bitch; Wanda, (WD ex) and Blake (Pepnick Harvestman at Thamespol); a firearms support police dog from Thames Valley Police.

Having rapidly attained her Companion Dog Certificate of Merit she was, unfortunately, injured, which ended her trialling career. Daisy now restricts her work to assisting with puppy training and socialisation, behaviour modification. She is especially adept at working calmly with dogs who have dog to dog aggression issues, or who are fearful of other dogs and works with people who are nervous or fearful of large dogs.

Sadly, in October 2018 we lost our very special girl aged 12.  Whilst we love our other dogs dearly, there will never be another with the kindness of spirit like our little Daisy May.  This is our tribute to her.


Tilly (Star at Concenn, CDex, UDex, WDex)

Tilly, a Welsh Sheepdog initially completed her training as a drug detection dog. She competed in Working Trials, making the transition from one discipline to the other with relative ease. She has qualified CD ex, UD ex and WD ex. Tilly was bred as a working farm dog in mid Wales.

Tilly featured in the Churchill Insurance Dog Boot Camp tutorials in support of the Animal Heroes TV Programme in which I feature as head of Young Military Working Dog Selection and Development.

In 2016 she appeared on stage alongside actor Dudley Sutton in the play “Of Mice and Men” at Wolverhampton Grand Theatre, taking to her role with ease. She has been unbearably smug ever since, regarding herself as something of a thespian.

Jimmy (Threenines Ace of Clubs, CDex, UDex, WDex, TDex, UKTDA 1, UKTDA 2), British Police and Services Canine Association Champion 2015 and 2016 – KC Stud Book number 0488DE

Jimmy is now 6 years old. Jimmy was purchased from Three-nines in Scotland. The rest of this outstanding litter was purchased by the MOD and various police officers. Jimmy competes in working trials and has now qualified CD Ex, UD Ex, WD Ex and TD Ex. In 2014 he appeared on BBC Sports Relief’s Top Dog.

He has recently passed both his Level 1 and Level 2 awards with the UK Tracking Dog Association. (Feb 17)

In 2013 just before his second birthday Jimmy became Reserve Champion at the British Police and Services Canine Association Service Dog of the Year Trial, an outstanding achievement for a dog under the age of 2 years. He repeated this feat in 2014, before becoming the Champion in 2015. He recently retained his title on the 9th July 16, and so remains the BPSCA Working Dog of the Year and Victor Ludorum.

Jimmy is also proving an outstanding success in assisting in the training of dogs with behavioural issues. I believe this must be something of a first for a working Malinois and is a credit to his careful breeding.

He has produced 2 litters of puppies for West Midlands Police and has many pups serving proudly in several UK Police Forces.

Alice (Threenines Misspoken, CDex, UDex, WDex, TDex, UKTDA 1, UKTDA 2,) KC Stud Book number 0266DF

The youngest member of the gang is Alice, or Baby Alice as she is known, even though she is now 4 years old.  Alice is progressing well and on 25th Feb 17 she qualified CD Ex, with 97 points from 100.  She obtained her Certificate of Merit in the Utility Dog stake in Working Trials, with an outstanding 195.5/200 point and followed this up 4 weeks later at the opposite end of the country with 194.5 from 200 to earn her Utility Dog Excellent UD Ex title. She recently topped this achievement winning the ASPADS WD Championship Stake with 196.5/200 and earning her WD Ex title.

In January 2019 Alice gained her first TD Open Certificate of merit, finishing in 2nd place at the New Forest Open Trial, before earning her second TD CoM a week later by winning at ASPADS, South Bedfordshire. In March 2019 she qualified TD Ex at her first attempt, an outstanding achievement matching her uncle Jimmy!  She will be taking a break from competition as we are expecting to mate her with another outstanding, titled, working dog.(IPO3)

She has a great desire to work and a fantastic temperament. She is gentle with puppies and plays a major part in our Puppy and Bronze courses. She regularly assists with dogs undergoing behaviour modification work.

Alice is the only dog in the country who has had her training schedule published in a puppy training manual.  This book is available to all puppy and dog owners and is the perfect accompaniment to any of our training courses or for training courses with any reputable training school.

Educating Alice