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My Dogs

My Dogs

Have you ever noticed how many expert dog trainers and “Behaviourists” got into the business because their own dog was unruly, or had behavioural issues and in many cases still do? My best advice when employing a trainer or behaviourist is to ask to see their dogs and ask them to demonstrate their training methods. I currently have six dogs; 5 Malinois and a Cocker Spaniel who runs the show, The dogs live with 2 cats, 3 horses and about 30 Alpacas.

Jimmy (Threenines Ace of Clubs)

My senior dog is Jimmy. Jimmy is an 11-year-old Malinois and has had a remarkable working career, being twice British Police and Services Champion and qualifying CD ex, UD ex, WD ex and TD ex. KC Stud book number 0488DE

JImmy 1
Babysitting jimmy

Babysitting Jimmy (with baby Mali Rae)


Molly, our little cocker is Molly, is now 9 years old and was inherited from my late parents. Fortunately, they had followed the advice set out in Educating Alice so her transition to her new home was a simple one.

Molly is an excellent assistant in behavioral work for dogs who are nervous around unknown dogs, as she is extremely good at ignoring every other dog on the planet if there’s a slight chance of a dog treat. Molly also makes a guest appearance in Educating Alice.

Molly as a pup with Daisy May!


Alice (Threenines Misspoken)

Alice the subject of the book Educating Alice is now almost 8 and has qualified CD ex, UD ex, WD ex and TD ex. She has her first Level 3 UKTDA Tracking Dog award, KC Stud Book number 0266DF.

Alice continues to work and has produced some beautiful pups in 2 litters who have gone on to serve in the Police, in Working Trials, IGP and Mondeo. One of her pups from her first litter has just competed in the 2022 World Championships in Greece at canicross.

Big Alice
Baby alice

The Pups

Finally, there’s Peanut, Jellybean, and Ajax who are siblings from Alice’s first litter and who carry out behavioral work, and take part in Good Citizen sessions as a stunt double if someone has a poorly dog but needs to attend so as to not miss out. They also work with people who are nervous about large dogs.

All 3 are excellent tracking dogs and also compete in working trials.

Tracking Dogs 2
Doggos Cosford

Dogs Gone By

I’d also like to recognise the part played by my dogs who are no longer with us, but paid such a vital role in establishing and developing the business.

Whilst all my dogs are well-mannered and relaxed pets, most have also competed in some of the strictest working tests, to prove their mettle under pressure.  These tests are an excellent test of the dog’s control skills, but more importantly their temperament and character. 

Daisy May (Concenn Yusha)

Daisy, a beautiful German Shepherd Dog was nearly 13 when we lost her in October 2018 Whilst we love all our dogs dearly, there will never be another with a kindness of spirit like our little Daisy May. 

This is our tribute to her. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ikWFPK1DC58


Tilly (Star at Concenn)

Tilly, a mischievous Welsh Sheepdog, was 12 when we lost her. In all honesty, I don’t think she was ever the same girl after losing Daisy. Tilly completed her training as a drug detection dog. She competed in Working Trials, making the transition from one discipline to the other with relative ease. She qualified CD ex, UD ex, and WD ex. Tilly was bred as a working farm dog in mid-Wales.

In 2016 she appeared on stage alongside actor Dudley Sutton in the play “Of Mice and Men” at Wolverhampton Grand Theatre, taking to her role with ease. Throughout her later years, she regarded herself as a resting thespian.

Tilly featured in the Churchill Insurance Dog Boot Camp tutorials in support of the Animal Heroes TV Programme in which I featured as head of Young Military Working Dog Selection and Development.


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