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Cosford Dog Training is run by John Fitzpatrick, MCGI, MBIPDT. John is a fully qualified, professional dog trainer since completing his formal training as a Royal Air Force Police dog handler in 1981.

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Training Services

Dogs don't know the difference between right and wrong. They learn from the consequences of their everyday experiences. We usually play a major role in providing those experiences and consequences.

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Behavioural Services

There is a difference between dog obedience training and behaviour modification, although all behaviour modification involves an element of training as the dog needs to learn new behaviour patterns.

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Training Services

Kennel Club Good Citizen Cosford


Dogs don’t know the difference between right and wrong. They learn from the consequences of their everyday experiences, whether they be good or bad. We usually play a major role in providing those experiences and consequences.

We often forget to teach them what we want them to do and instead punish them for doing the wrong thing. I know many trainers who base their whole training ethos around this.

Investing a bit of effort in understanding and teaching your dog as opposed to whacking it for getting something wrong isn’t always easy, but will always pay dividends and develop a stronger relationship with a well behaved, well trained and happy dog. Few owners need or want an obedience champion. But having a well behaved, well socialised and responsive dog is one of life’s great pleasures and a source of pride.

Owners that take a pride in their dog generally take responsibility for all aspects of their dog’s lives, keeping them healthy and safe. Training plays an important part in achieving both.

Training keeps both you and your dog fit, physically and mentally. Ever heard the phrase, the devil makes work for idle hands? Well believe me the same goes just as well for idle paws. Dogs lacking in mental stimulation are often the ones that get into mischief. The dog rescue centres are full of dogs that had they been given some training and the accompanying mental stimulation that goes with it, would be asleep at home in front of the fire now, dreaming of a lifelong relationship with their families.

Head Start for Puppies

Start your new puppy on the right path with one of our Head Start Packs. Having taken the trouble to seek out the right puppy for your family, remember you will be sharing your life with the little fellow for the next 10 to 15 years. Give your puppy the best start by investing in one of our Puppy Packs.

The service can start with helping you select the right puppy from the litter, whilst most breeders are careful to place a puppy in the right family, often the sight of a little bundle of fur lets your judgement go out of the window and the lively little chap you think you want will spend the next few years running you ragged. A quieter litter mate might be more appropriate.

Usually the service will begin with a discussion to help you prepare for your new arrival, followed by a home visit to set you on the right path, regarding caring for puppy and important things such as toilet training.

Puppy Training Classes cosford
Dog Behaviour cosford

This is followed up by 2 one to one training sessions at the training school to ensure meeting people, dogs, lead walking and recall are learned correctly from the outset.

What if I already Have My Puppy?

Simply give Cosford Dog Training a call and we will arrange a home visit to help you address all the immediate issues involved in puppy ownership. Sleeping, feeding, house training, play and stimulation.  This is followed up by a couple of home visits to get you started with training, even before your pup can go outdoors.

This is an ideal preparation for one of our Good Citizen courses in the company of other puppies.

One To One Training

Dog Safety Training cosford

One to one training can be undertaken at Cosford Dog Training or in your home environment. If you are unable to attend the training class due to lack of transport or unusual work patterns training sessions can be arranged at your own home or in the area where you usually exercise your dog.

One to one training sessions generally last for about an hour, unless the specific problem requires longer or shorter sessions.

All aspects of basic obedience training can be undertaken during one to one sessions or specific problem areas, such as pulling on the lead or poor recall can be addressed.

If you have ever felt embarrassed or awkward when dealing with your less than perfect dog in a class situation these sessions allow you to deal with problem in a one to one, professionally coached situation. This invariably results in you learning more quickly and consequently getting a better response from your dog.

Ideally, this is used as a stepping stone to get you and your dog integrated into one of the regular group training classes.

If you have any concerns or questions to ask feel free to phone and discuss your dog’s particular needs. Dog training is not a one size fits all solution for every dog or indeed dog owner. I am quite prepared to tailor the training program to the needs of you and your dog.

Dog Behaviour cosford

Lottie’s Walk and Train Service

If you have trained with us and find that you and your dog struggle to apply the lessons learned in real life then we have designed a new service to remedy this matter.

Our trainer, Charlotte will carry out regular training walks with your dog in your local area to ensure that the training is fully absorbed and works in your dog’s real life environment.  This is a continuation / environmental training service and is the only such scheme on offer in the Midlands. You can opt for Charlotte to handle your dog, or to assist and instruct you whilst doing so.  The service can be adapted to meet your individual needs.

Please note that this is not another dog walking service, but a training service provided by a qualified trainer, designed to ensure your dog’s continued development.  Please email us for details, or better still go direct to Lottie’s Walk Facebook

Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme Courses

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Basic training is primarily geared to the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme Awards. We have been running these awards for 18 years now from the Puppy Foundation awards through to the Gold award. Cosford Dog Training is the only dog training school in the area that offers all levels of the scheme.  We do take clients from other training schools who wish to progress, but we always give our own former clients priority on courses.

For info on the KCGCDS Scheme follow Kennel Club 

The KCGCDS is an ideal introduction to basic dog training and building a strong relationship with your dog. Courses can be done to achieve a good basic standard or used as a stepping stone into many other aspects of dog training.

There are separate courses for Puppy Foundation, Bronze, Silver and Gold.

You all start and finish together to develop team spirit and benefit from mutual support and encouragement.

Dog Warden Training

Cosford Dog Training offers bespoke 3-Day training courses for Dog Wardens.  Course content includes amongst other subjects:

Canine Aggression Awareness and Assessment.

Practical Dog Control skills

Use of Safety Equipment

Instruction in Canine Related Legislation

Conflict Resolution

Evidence Gathering and Presentation

Dog Safety Courses

Cosford Dog Training runs bespoke 1-day or 2-day dog safety training packages for workers who are exposed to the risk of contact with potentially aggressive dogs in the course of their working day.  These courses take place in the company premises of the client and comprises theory and practical training as appropriate.

Please call to discuss the needs of your employees and arrange a training package.

BIPDT Security Team Assessments  Home Dog Training cosford

Cosford Dog Training is an accredited British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers Security Division Assessment Centre.

Assessments for BIPDT Stage 1 and Stage 2 Accreditations are conducted by prior appointment with Cosford Dog Training directly or via the BIPDT Security Division. This training and accreditation is for bona fide security professionals only and not available to the general dog owning community. Enquiries are welcome from individual handlers and Security Companies.

Advanced Training for Sporting Purposes

It is very easy to teach a dog to be aggressive and bite. It is equally easy to appear in court having done so. The real skill is in teaching this in a controlled and responsible manner. Such training is not provided until I am satisfied about your ability and commitment, your dog’s suitability and that such training is appropriate in your circumstances.

Dog Training cosford

Educational and Training Presentations

Training presentations and practical demonstrations are available to schools, colleges and other organisations. Such presentations may cover a variety of subjects from the use of Military and Police Dogs, responsible dog ownership, Dog Safety and Dogs in Society presentations. Please phone or e mail to discuss your requirements.

Puppy Training Classes cosford

“Introduction to Tracking” presentation for the Irish Water Spaniel Association Summer 2017

Dog Behaviour cosford

TV and Advertising Projects

Due to the work and my involvement in the Animal Heroes documentary which was screened on ITV in June 13 work has been undertaken in conjunction with the Churchill Dog Boot Camp competition. Further work was undertaken for various bodies at Battersea Dogs and Cats home in 2013 Jimmy recently appeared in Sports Relief’s Top Dog on the BBC.


Jimmy and Anna featured on Countryfile Autumn Diaries on the 9th of November 18 in the special edition discussing and demonstrating the work of dogs in the Armed Forces from the great War until the present day.

Puppy Training Classes cosford

The quality of training of our current dogs in performing detection work and policing/military work is clearly evident, and is available to those wishing to use this service for TV, Film and Promotional work. The dogs are reliable and relaxed in a filming environment.

Tilly has recently completed her stage debut alongside actor Dudley Sutton, at the Wolverhampton Grand Theatre

Detection Dog Training

Assessment cosford

Having specialised in this field in recent years in a military environment, this service is now available to those in the private sector looking to develop young dogs in detection work of all kinds.

Recent work includes substance detection work for the private security sector, training dogs to detect truffles, and work to develop dogs for the detection of wildlife, for a UK university research project.

Specialist Consultancy in Canine Development

Having specialised as the lead instructor and head of the Young Military Working Dog Development project, this service is now available to the private sector. This service begins with the selection, acquisition and development of puppies and young dogs for development into a variety of working roles. Development extends into comprehensive socialisation, habituation and introductory training for the dogs’ eventual field of service.

Training by Appointment

Please note that all training is by prior appointment or booking on a course. We do not operate a drop in service. All dogs must have a record of inoculation. Unfortunately no certificate means no training. We do accept homeopathic inoculations when issued via a recognised practitioner.

Terms and Conditions

For enrolment in Group classes deposits are required at the time of booking. Deposits for places in group classes are non-returnable except in exceptional circumstances such as illness or injury and at the discretion of Cosford Dog Training. The balance of fees are payable in full before training commences. Once training commences fees are not be refundable.

In the event that a course is cancelled by Cosford Dog Training before it commences all deposits will be refunded. In the event that a course is cancelled by Cosford Dog Training after it commences fees for the remainder of the course will be refunded to customers.

Fees for one to one training courses and behavioural work are payable in full when booking your sessions. You are responsible for attending at the specified time. In the event that you attend more than 20 minutes after the appointed time, the session will be cancelled and the session will be charged.

Cancellations made by customers 48 hours in advance of the lesson will not be charged. Cancellations after this period will be charged in full. Cancellations must be made by text.

Please note that programmes are planned several weeks in advance and if you cancel in order to rearrange more than 2 of your scheduled sessions it may be several weeks before the missed sessions can be taken and you are unlikely to be able to attend at your regular time.

By booking training customers agree to these terms and conditions.